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    Sado Guide

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    Sado Guide

    Post  Jin Baren on Fri Oct 12, 2012 5:41 pm

    So you have chosen to become a Sado now that your level 20 huh? Want to protect your friends? Maybe you just enjoy smashing your fist into peoples faces? Whatever your reason we're here to help you along the way.

    To become a Sado simply speak with Sado himself. He sits to the left of the school. He asks you to do a mission for him, kill a medium hollow. After that you go back to him and your a sado now. It's magic!!

    There isn't much you need to know about being a sado besides its techniques and build. You simply keep punching until all that's left is a bloody stain on the ground from where your enemy was standing. As for build most people choose pure strength and defense build as a sado which is usually the best choice. But, since blast and El Directo and La Muerte are reiatsu based, if you want your energy attacks to hit harder you can always choose a 10/5/5/0 build. I really wouldn't recommend using a glass cannon sado, though if you want the best of both worlds attack-wise you can go 10/0/10/0, but I really wouldn't recommend it. If I were you I would stick with 10/10/0/0, or 10/5/5/0. Now here is the techniques and upgrades for a Sado.

    Blast: You get this tech upon becoming level 30. You shoot a blast of reiatsu in a straight line.

    Upgraded arm- Aquired upon reaching level 80. Your arm undergoes a transformation. Gives you a 10% boost in strength.

    El Directo: You get this tech upon becoming level 80. Requires you to have mastered blast. First you must use your blast, you then release the blast point blank at the person or hollow you are attacking to use El Directo.

    Shield Arm- Aquired upon reaching level 125. Your arm transforms with a shield on it now which will deflect projectiles. The projectile deflection has a cooldown.

    Flash Step: You get this tech upon reaching level 135. Allows you to attack quicker while teleporting around the person or hollow you are attacking. Can also be used to teleport to a different spot on your screen by double clicking the ground you wish to teleport to.

    Left arm- Aquired upon reaching level 150. It is like a sado's bankai or resurreccion. Gives you more boost to your strength and defense.

    La Muerte: You get this tech upon reaching level 160. Requires you to have mastered El Directo. La Muerte is your ultimate attack. Must use the technique point blank like El Directo. Leaves a skull on the ground after a successful hit.

    The default bonus to your strength as a sado is 130%. When you reach level 80 you obtain the upgraded right arm which gives you a 10% boost making your default strength 140%. Upon unlocking the points in the power skill tree, you add 10% per point invested. So if you master the power tree your default strength with your right arm becomes 170%. Your default bonus to defense is 110%. Like with strength, when you invest in the speed skill tree your defense goes up. So if you master the speed skill tree your default defense with your right arm become 140%. when you obtain your left arm if you have mastered the power and speed skill trees your strength boost will then be 180%, and your defense boost will then be 150% while using your left arm.

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