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    Inoue Guide

    Jin Baren

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    Inoue Guide

    Post  Jin Baren on Fri Oct 12, 2012 5:43 pm

    So you have chosen to become an Inoue? You gonna be someone's healing b***h? It's ok someone has to do it. Especially in the Kenpachi event. But that's besides the point let's get you the knowledge you need to be the best you can be in the army... I mean as an Inoue.

    First you must be level 20 like almost all the other classes. The you must find Orihime Inoue. She is to the right of the school just chilling. Kinda looks like her and Sado had a fight and now they keep the school in between them and aren't talking anymore. Anyways she asks if you want to train under her, in which you reply to her yes and thus the quest begins to become an Inoue.

    After agreeing to train under her she tells you that there is an injured shinigami in the forest south of there or something like that. She wants you to go check up on him. Now I always had an annoying time trying to find that S.O.B. so i'm gonna help you guys out. When you get into the south forest, the injured shinigami's coordinates are (74,154). Now you get there and check up on the shinigami only to find the guy is dead. DEAD. You should have gotten there sooner!! But it's oh well and you decide to go back to Orihime and tell her some BS line about he's good considering his condition or something. She's like a blonde and just takes your word and now you are a Inoue. Congratulations you heartless jerk ha ha ha.

    Now on to the abilities and requirements. Inoues have passives in the F1-F6. Then they have their other abilities. Here is the list and requirements.

    Inoue Passives-
    Level 60: (Fairy throwing range)
    Level 75: (Attack speed)
    Level 90: (Tracking nearby players)
    Level 105: (Stamina regeneration)
    Level 120: (Reiatsu)
    Level 135: (Strength)

    Santen Kesshun: Learned at level 30
    Kouten Zanshun: Learned at level 40 with 100% mastery of Santen Kesshun
    Souten Kisshun: Learned at level 50 with 100% mastery of Kouten Zanshun
    Flashstep: Learned at level 135

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