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    Hollow Guide

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    Hollow Guide

    Post  Jin Baren on Fri Oct 12, 2012 5:44 pm

    Now that your level 20, you want to become a hollow right? Of course you do the bad guys have all the fun. In order to become a hollow you must die. No seriously go kill your character. Once you die you will be prompted with a choice to "stay human", "become a shinigami", or "become a hollow". Once you have selected to become a hollow you are given 4 choices of hollows.

    The choice of the bat- You get a speed boost when you choose to be the bat hollow.

    The choice of the octo- You get a technique called constrict which is strength/reiatsu based.

    The choice of the spider- You get a technique called webshot which is reiatsu based.

    The choice of the fishbone- You get a technique called throwback which is strength based.

    These techniques/boost stay with you until you become an arrancar. Now as you level up and become stronger, while devouring souls in the process you evolve into stronger forms of hollows. Here is the list of forms.

    First Evolution- Requires you to be level 35 and devour 75 souls. You become a larger hollow.

    Menos/Gillian- Requires you to be level 75 and devour 150 souls. You turn into a menos grande. The face part is your actually one tiled part you need to attack with and can get hit on despite the large icon.

    Adjuchas- Requires you to be level 90, devour 300 souls, and kill one menos in front of three other menos. You then transform into Grimmjow's Adjuchas form and instantly gain one level and 15 skill points.

    Vasto Lorde- Requires you to be a adjuchas, level 125, devour 1,000 souls, have 10,000 hollow kills, and kill one menos in front of nine other menos. You will then turn into a Vasto Lorde and instantly gain three levels, 30 skill points, and 1,500 yen.

    Arrancar Transformation- You can become an arrancar at level 75, after becoming a menos. You need to have devoured 225 souls. You must speak to Aizen in Hueco Mundo to transform into an Arrancar. Once you become an arrancar you stay as the hollow rank you were when you transformed meaning if you transform as a menos, you will be a gillian class arrancar. If you want to become adjuchas or vasto lorde you must hold off on becoming an Arrancar until you become them first. Also after becoming an arrancar you are prompted to chose between destructive or regenerative. Destructive arrancar have a .3x boost to strength and defense while wielding your zanpakutou. Regen gives you an increased stamina regeneration and wounds heal faster. This effect stacks with resurreccion.

    Now as a hollow your probably wondering about the techniques that will be available to you throughout your hollow life. Here is a list of techniques that will be available to you.

    Garganta: You get this tech upon becoming a Hollow. This allows you to open a portal to the passageway between worlds. You must have 75% stamina, an less then 75% fatigue in order to open garganta.

    Devour: You get this tech upon becoming a Hollow. This allows you to devour wandering souls. Essential for becoming stronger hollows.

    Reiatsu Shower: You get this tech after your first evolution and reaching level 45. Your reaitsu is formed into three little red balls and shot in a straight line.

    Cero: You get this tech upon becoming a Gillian. Shoot's a powerful projectile much stronger then reiatsu shower, this technique can only be obtained by going Gillian.

    Sonido: You get this technique upon becoming an arrancar. Allows you to attack quicker while teleporting around the person or hollow you are attacking. Can also be used to teleport to a different spot on your screen by double clicking the ground you wish to teleport to.

    Hierro: You get this tech upon becoming an Arrancar. Permanent 7.5% defense and reiryoku boost.

    Bala: You get this tech upon becoming an Arrancar. A small projectile less powerful than cero but fires much quicker.

    Pesquisa: You get this tech upon becoming an Arrancar. You'll be able to sense multiple players that are around you, that will tell there location and if they're stronger or weaker than you.

    Grand Ray Cero: You get this tech upon becoming level 125. Your cero transforms into a wider and much stronger projectile.

    Resurreccion: You get this tech upon reaching level 125. You need to be an arrancar and have devoured 450 souls. This is your fianl release of your Zanpakuto.

    And that is all the techniques. Just in case you want to know what resurreccions there are here is a list of the different resurreccions available in-game.

    Barragan, Cirruci, Shawlong, Stark, Del Toro, Gantenbaine, Halibel, Nel, Nnoitra, Grimmjow, Szayel, Volcanica, Zommari, Luppi, Ulquiorra. Might add more detailed info on resurreccions and they're abilities in the future.

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