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    Shinigami Guide

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    Shinigami Guide

    Post  Jin Baren on Fri Oct 12, 2012 5:41 pm

    Ok, now that you are level 20 you want to make the best choice in classes so your choosing shinigami. Purify the hollows that plague the human world, save the souls from said hollows and send them to soul society so they can finally move on. Classic "knight in shining armor" syndrome. You should really speak with your therapist about that. But even so let's give you the knowledge to be the best shinigami you can be.

    Ok so now that your level 20 you must die. Very sad, we will remember you fondly. After dieing your prompted with three choices- "stay human", "become a hollow", or "become a shinigami". Choose the "become a soul/go to seireitei" option and you will either be sent to the space between worlds where you need to head right, or you will be sent straight into soul society. Once in soul society you need to head north. Past a couple of openings you head to the left until you find an opening. Inside if you continue you will see targets in the bottom left and a bunch of shinigami in the top middle. Talk to the shinigami recruiter and he will ask if you want to become a shinigami. Of course you say yes because you didn't do all this to change your mind now, did you?

    So now that you are a shinigami trainee your first task is to master shakkahou. If your lucky this painstakingly process will be over quickly. Master shakkahou by repeatedly using it. Sometimes it will blow up in your face. That's okay we didn't like you for your looks anyways. Eventually you will master it. You will probably be thinking "glad I don't have to do that anymore", but you'd be wrong. You get to learn at least three other kidos just as annoying as shakkahou if not more so. But now we return to the recruiter and now he will want you to fight one of the NPC trainees. Those poor weaklings don't stand a chance. Now after you beat up a helpless trainee and you return to that jerk who told you to do it you become a shinigami.

    Now here is some techniques that you will learn in your time as a shinigami.

    Shakkahou: Your very first technique. You learn this as a shinigami trainee and must master it in order to become a shinigami. Shoots a red ball of reiatsu that explodes on impact doing a small AoE damage.

    Soul Burial: You gain this tech after becoming a full-fledged shinigami. You must have your zanpakutou out to use this technique. This is the technique used to send souls to the seireitei.

    Byakurai: You gain this tech after mastering shakkahou and becoming a full-fledged shinigami. Shoots a bolt of lightning in a straight line. If it hits your target it will paralyze them for like one or two seconds.

    Soukatsui: You gain this tech after mastering Byakurai. Shoots out a white ball of reiatsu that can knockback your opponent. Shini El Directo hahaha.

    Raikohou: One of two kidos that you can get upon becoming level 75. Requires you to have mastered soukatsui. Multiple lightning bolts strike multiple enemies near you.

    Rikujokuro: One of two kidos that you can get upon becoming level 75. Requires you to have mastered soukatsui. Shoots out yellow beams of light that will slow down your opponent greatly. Also looks kinda like a skirt on whoever it hits.

    Flash Step: You get this tech upon becoming level 75. Allows you to attack quicker while teleporting around the person or hollow you are attacking. Can also be used to teleport to a different spot on your screen by double clicking the ground you wish to teleport to.

    Shikai: Obtained between the levels of 35-50 randomly. Must have 50 soul burials. The first release of your zanpakutou.

    Bankai: Obtained between the levels of 135-160 randomly. If you get your shikai early your bankai will probably be late. And if you get your shikai late you probably will get your bankai early. Bankai is your final release of your zanpakutou. A shinigami's best weapon.

    Here is a list of the different shikais available to you.


    Now all that's left is to tell you the benefits of joining squads. Here is a list of the squads and what they have to offer.

    Squad 1- Enhances raikohou's range and accuracy. Transform rikujokuro into a three tiled attack.

    Squad 2- Incomplete

    Squad 3-

    Squad 4- A healing kido used to heal yourself or others.

    Squad 5- A shielding kido along with two offensive kido

    Squad 6- No fatigue from kidou after mastering the kido.

    Squad 7- 15% less momentum required to activate bankai.

    Squad 8-

    Squad 9-

    Squad 10-

    Squad 11- Enhanced melee defense.

    Squad 12-

    Squad 13- You gain extra stamina when using shikai.

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