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    Newbie Guide

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    Newbie Guide

    Post  Jin Baren on Fri Oct 12, 2012 5:44 pm

    So you just started playing and your not sure what to do? No problem, we're here to help you so you can enjoy this game as much as we do. First thing you need to do after selecting your hair and tan, speaking to those pesky NPCs, and putting on some clothes because I doubt you wanna run around half naked, would be to get your character to level 20. You have two options, reiatsu train or beat up the bullies.

    Reiatsu training is pretty self-explanatory. If you look in the bottom right of your screen you will see your skills list and it will be listed in there. It is very easy and can be done anywhere, simply click the arrow key that it displays. It can be slow but you can do it anywhere.

    Beating up the bullies is the often more the preferred method of training to level 20. You have to head right after leaving the building you start in and you will find a large white school building. Sado sits on the left of the building and Inoue sits on the right. Once you enter the school the different rooms will hold bullies for you to beat up and get experience with.

    Now either way you chose to train you do so until level 20. Upon becoming level 20 you cannot fight bullies or rei train anymore. You will also now be able to see spirits of all kinds. This is usually the time to pick the class you want to become though if you wish to stay human longer it is your choice. And that is all for the newbie guide. For information on the different classes please head to the class thread your looking for below this newbie guide thread. Good luck!

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