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    Substitute Shinigami Guide

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    Substitute Shinigami Guide

    Post  Jin Baren on Fri Oct 12, 2012 5:41 pm

    Now that your level 20 you want to become a substitue shinigami. But your up a creek without a paddle my friend. In order to become a Sub you must get to level 45. Yep it's the only class that requires you to be above level 20. But once you reach level 45 then your actually good enough for Urahara and he will give you the quest to become a Sub.

    But it doesn't stop there! After obtaining level 45 and going to talk to Urahara, he sends you out to find Rukia. She needs your help. She is tired or out of energy, or some lame excuse you would expect her to feed to Ichigo, and wants you to go kill a medium hollow. So you go kill a medium hollow, which can be annoying but is easy if you get a friend to help you. You go back to Rukia expecting to be made a substitute. But wait, there's more! She now wants you to kill 5 more medium hollows and 10 weak hollows. How lazy can she be? Anyways you go and kill the 5 mediums and 10 hollows. Now that you have done Rukia's work for her because she is a lazy cow, you head back expecting to be made a substitute shini again. Yet your torment isn't over and once again she tells you that you must now go find Ukitake in the Southern Forest. No wonder her zan is ice she is a cold hearted *****. So now you must go to Ukitake who is outside the Quincy Outpost in the Southern Forest. When you reach him your probably thinking what do I have to do for him? But unlike Rukia he is kind and gives you your substitute badge now and you are officially a Substitute Shinigami. Bout time right? Friggin' Rukia....

    So here is a list of techniques for the Sub Shini.

    Soul Burial: You gain this tech after becoming a substitute shinigami. You must have your zanpakutou out to use this technique. This is the technique used to send souls to the seireitei.

    Shikai: Can be gained immediately at level 45 after becoming a Sub by obtaining 50 Soul Burials. Hope you get what you want cuz I wouldn't wanna do that quest again.

    Flash Step: You get this tech upon becoming level 75. Allows you to attack quicker while teleporting around the person or hollow you are attacking. Can also be used to teleport to a different spot on your screen by double clicking the ground you wish to teleport to.

    Bankai: You get this tech between levels 105-130. The final release of your zanpakutou.

    Cero: After obtaining your vizard mask you unlock this tech. shoots a one tiled projectile.

    Vizard Mask: Ok so when you become level 115 you become eligible to obtain your vaizard mask. You must have at least ten mask encounters. To get mask encounters you must be level 75+ and get knocked out. It will not happen everytime you get knocked out but when it does you will be notified on the left side of your screen that "you have lost control". After getting all of the mask encounters your inner hollow will speak to you saying "I'm getting closer to you". When you have heard from your inner hollow you are eligible to get your mask at level 115. Upon hitting level 115 you must go talk to Shinji in the Vizard House. He gives you a quest to confront your inner hollow. After confronting your inner hollow you are forced into fighting him. If you lose it will announce in the game that the player has been killed by the player. For example, Jin Baren faces his inner hollow and loses. [Jin Baren has been killed by Jin Baren!] But if you win then it will show in your abilities now your vizard mask and cero techniques. You need to click the vaizard mask ability and a box will pop-up asking you which mask you would like. You type in the number of the mask you want after reading what each does, then choose which icon you want to use out of Ichigo, Shinji, Hiyori, Custom One, Custom Two, or Custom three. You now have your vizard mask now.

    Here is the list of vizard masks and what they do.

    1: Str/Def- Increases your strength + defense by 10%
    2: Str/Rea- Increases your strength + reiatsu by 10%
    3: Rea/Def- Increases your reiatsu + defense by 10%
    4: Rea/Rer- Increases your reiastu + reiryoku by 10%
    5: Rer/Def- Increases your reiryoku + defense by 10%
    6: Rea/Grc- Updates your cero to gran rey cero + increases your reiastu by 10%
    7: Str/Grc- Updates your cero to gran rey cero + increases your strength by 10%

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