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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Post  Jin Baren on Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:21 pm

    Or Faqs as some would simply abbreviate them with. I will post a list of them and their answers here and will probably continue adding on to them as people continue to ask these questions. So if something is not on here please go to the suggestion thread and put in a suggestion to add a question I might not have thought of because I'm not perfect lol.


    Q: What do I do first in the game?
    A: There are plenty of guides I spent my time on making that you can go check for that answer.

    Q: Where is the professor?
    A: There is no professor. He hasn't been added. If your lost check the newbie guide.

    Q: How do I pick up the crystal on the ground?
    A: You need to macro pick-up.

    Q: How do I macro?
    A: There is a guide for that. Check the guide section. Very Happy

    Q: How do I eat the food on the table?
    A: You need to macro eat. If your having problems check the macro guide.

    Q: Are the shikai random?
    A: Yes they are to a point. There is a cycle so that there has been an even number of each shikai so far. It is to prevent there being 100 ichigos and only 24 rukias. So for example if your buddy just got rukia there is no way you will get her but no clue which of the other 22 shikai you will get until it all evens out. Think of it as drawing shikai out of a hat, you don't put your shikai name back in till all of them have been taken then they are all in the running again.

    Q: What if I get a shikai I don't want?
    A: Well you have three options then. One- save up 13,000 yen and buy a shikai reroll from the owner of the game. Two- delete your character and remake a new one while praying to get a shikai you like that time. Or Three- deal with the shikai you don't want. It's rough but it is how the game goes.

    Q: What if I get a mask I don't like?
    A: Well if your an arrancar, you can go to Aizen and he will give you a quest to get another mask. But beware you can get the same mask multiple times it is completely random. As for Vaizards I don't know of any way to change your mask so make sure you pick one you like.

    Q: Why is it so hard to train?
    A: Because you must win your things, nothing is free. It's about the journey not the destination.

    Q: I heard someone say they were a GC or Glass Cannon. What is that?
    A: They are referring to their build. Every time you level up you get 20 experience points to increase your stats with. You have 4 stats you can increase, strength- meaning attack, defense- self explanatory, reiatsu- your energy attack, and finally reiryoku- your energy defense and amount of energy you have. Now a glass cannon refers to someone who has no defense, thus glass, and all attack, thus cannon. They invest 10 points into strength and 10 into reiatsu upon each level up. Only advisable to those who can maneuver well.

    Q: What kind of build should I go with?
    A: Honestly I do not know all the builds and I would hate to list every single build for every single character and shikai/resurreccion. So this is one question that is ok to ask in game especially since different people have different opinions how the characters should be built.

    I will be sure to add in more questions and answers as time progresses so if you have a suggestion for me please go to the suggestion thread and post it there. Hope you have fun!

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