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    Macro Guide

    Jin Baren

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    Macro Guide

    Post  Jin Baren on Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:43 pm

    Here is a guide to using the macros, how to as well as the different macros, that I know of.

    First the "How To" part. When you want to make a macro first look towards the upper left part of the game screen. Click on the options tab, then on the edit macros part on the roll down menu. A pop up will appear with a picture of a keyboard. You simply click what key you want and type in the command for it. Very simple. And Here are some of the macros that I know of.

    To pick up the crystals and money macro: pick-up

    To eat food, macro: eat

    Your zanpakutou already has a macro, which is F7

    You can macro flash step as: flash-step but you still need to click on your screen to teleport to a different spot on your screen.

    And most stuff is like flash step, if it has multiple words use a - to link them not spaces. For example, the Inoue's fairies can be macro'd like such: shun-shun-rikka. And if there are any suggestions please refer to the suggestions thread.

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