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    Report Bugs

    Jin Baren

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    Report Bugs

    Post  Jin Baren on Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:23 pm

    If you find any bugs in the game please report them here. And please make sure someone hasn't already reported the bug you were going to report we don't need 50 reports of the same bug. Also do not exploit the bugs it is against the rules and you will be punished for it either by having your character nerfed, deleted, or possibly banned depending on the severity. For those of you who might say I didn't know, here is an example. The quincy arrows or weaponist soccerball CANNOT be used diagonally because it is bugged and unfair. Those who use it will be given punishment. And now you know so you can't say "Oh I didn't know". Otherwise have fun and enjoy the game.

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