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    Carothis Guide to Roleplay :)



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    Carothis Guide to Roleplay :)

    Post  Carothis88 on Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:28 pm

    ~Carothis's Guide To Roleplaying~

    Hello all, Im Carothis and today Im going to tell you about roleplay,How to form your character/Backstory, What it is, What the benefits of it are, The Do's and Dont's and more important the terms used in RP. My hope is that with this guide you will feel confertable in the roleplaying world and become part of it as it is a great experience when you give it a chance.

    First lets start with what is roleplay, Roleplaying is when you become your character, When your character has a personality, You say what their actions are and so on and so forth, That means making a back story, Making friends in character. For example for games have an OOC or World chat, That is out of character so you would NOT use any information gotten there for in character. Examples of this are as followed. "(OOC)Louis:Yea Im just chilling on the map near 123,45" you cannot use that to be like HA! I know where they are Im gonna go to them and roleplay fight them. because its out of character your character wouldnt know that and more so if your character never met them In-Character you wouldnt even know the person at all.

    Now lets move onto how to form your character,First lets start with a name. You want to give your character a name that could be a persons name for the genrie or just in general, No Guko12779 or crap because NO ONE would name there kid that and if they did...they should be kicked in the nuts. Now onto how to be your character The easiest advice I can give is put a part of your personality within the character, If you are assertive make them assertive and so on. As for back story its always best to make sure your characters backstory somehow ties into the genre of game you are playing. You wouldnt roleplay a space marine suddenly brought back in time to the mid evil times to eat the souls of kittens...well you could, but though funny...lets not do that. Also keep in mind what you do in game does impact you for example if you become a captain or rp becomming a captain of a squad in a game or leader figure, Thats what you are so in fights for example you would obviously be more seasoned and experienced then someone who was of a lesser rank, Though that in no was means you will win the fight hands down but it does take another factor into account. On the other side if you are fighting someone of a captain/leader rank you must ALSO roleplay accordingly. Thats not to say you cant have your own personality you can, That also doesnt mean you cant win you definetly can but you will just have to get more interesting. its best to have a third party there when roleplay fighting who is un biast to ensure a fair roleplay fight if rolling isnt factored in or a time frame.

    Here we will move onto the basic Do's And Dont's
    -Use say to talk In character
    -Go in depth with your roleplay fights
    -Interact with people in character often, In character friends will help later...Or enemies for your story
    -Keep OOC and IC seperate

    -Useing OOC info in character
    -God modding
    -Use bad grammer in say like saying "U wanna fite?" No...spell it right talk right like"Would you like to spar?"
    -Harrass people In character for OOC reasons
    -Ignore people's roleplays just because your bored, If you are in the roleplay you have to factor them all in.
    -Roleplay useing abilities your character does NOT actually have! Work with what you got.

    Roleplay Terms to know and what they mean

    OOC-Out Of Character = This is where you are yourself, You can chat like you would normally about anything use bad grammer troll eachother whatever you want really.

    IC-In Character= This is where you are your character, OOC and IC are totally seperate and should NEVER be mixed, got it...good Smile.

    God Modding= One of the worste things you can do when roleplaying, This is when in a fight you go "Henry Drop kicks Mike in the face and kills him" NO! you cant do that as in real life NOTHING is certain you must roleplay fight as followed" Henry dashes at Mike as he attempts to toss a heavy right hook towards the mans face". See thats a crude example but it shows that the other person has an oppertunity to react. If you God mod NO ONE will roleplay with you.

    Say=This is the chat where you speak as your character, When talking OOCly here use these, here is an example "Say: (hey man what are you up too?). You couldnt use that in character but you can generally chat. Here is one in character "Say: Hello sir, What is your name?" that's one the other person could react to with chatting.

    EZing=When someone trains while AFK, dont do it...people dont like that.

    And thats it a quick guide to RP for you all I hope this helps and you like it, Excuse the spelling errors as I did this fast but get out there and roleplay!.

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